E Cigarette Price in India

Vaping has become popular among people who are trying to quit smoking or looking for an on-the-go product. Many people also consider it as one of the superior ways to satisfy nicotine cravings. Reportedly, the sales of disposable vape products increased (from 10% to 30%) between 2020 and 2022. Due to the rising popularity of disposable vape Australia, the market is flooded with a wide range of options.

But how to choose the right vape out of various vaping products to meet your needs? Here are some quick tips to help you suggest choosing the best disposable vape for yourself:


It is best to do proper research about how many puffs you will get from a vape pen. Generally, the latest vape pens offer more puffs than a standard e-cigarette. You also need to consider whether the vape product is likely to work with a battery or without a battery. It is best to do your homework before buying anything, particularly when switching to vaping or trying it for the first time. One needs to consider purchasing from the top company products, like VTOS vape. When you purchase the top brands, your product is likely to last longer than standard products.

Consider the desired amount of puffs

When choosing a disposable vape, you need to think about the number of puffs or hits a device would give. If you have any vape brands in mind and know where to buy them, it is a good start. One can start here at VTOS, as they offer the best vaping products to meet the needs of consumers. The number of puffs of their products varies from 400 and 4000. These days the latest devices are available with larger puff counts. Nonetheless, the number of puffs a device gives you is mentioned on its packaging.

Think of the battery life

When looking for a disposable vape Australia, you need a battery that lasts as long as feasible. It would ensure that the e-liquid within it is consumed completely. It is best to 650 mAh for the lower puff count. However, the newer models have a higher capacity for e-liquid. So, their batteries need to be around at least 1000 mAh. Various vaping enthusiasts have complained that their disposable vape batteries died before the juice was used up. Even better, you can now get a vape device with a rechargeable battery. However, as they do not include a charger or cable, you must make sure to purchase a c-type cable.

Price of disposable vape Australia

Look for an affordable vape that meets even the budget of an average person. Compared to e-cigarette price in Australia, vape pens are a much more affordable option. It is best to look for the right product that meets your budget.

Pick your desired flavour

Besides the E cigarette price vs vape price, the flavor of your e-juice or e-liquid is another one of the most important aspects to consider when vaping. So choosing a flavor that suits your tastes and preferences will significantly improve your vaping experience. But it’s important not to restrict yourself to a single flavor. Encourage yourself to try different flavors as well. You’ll have a more limited experience if you stick with one flavor.


Choose these given factors from research to type of flavour for selecting the best vape product for yourself. With the help of these tips, you can easily find the right vape product as per your preference and taste.

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